Dear Search Finance Team

Thank you for helping as with our most recent car loan purchase, great rate and great service. Special mention to Matt and Alenka.

A Mason


Hi Matt

Thank you for helping us get our car. We did have some trouble with the car dealer but you went beyond expectations and our car loan rate was fantastic, thank you.

J Smithers


Hi Search Finance

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for helping us to refinance our home. We did have a lot of debts which we consolidated through your search finance engine system, and are now $450 a month better off, thank you team and special mention to Rachelle in the settlements division.

P and L Richter


Thank you to your team for helping me refinancing with my house. I thought the bank was going to take my house, I was so far behind in my repayments, but you saved me, I will be forever grateful to you. 

Dean P.

Matt really helped us a lot with our house refinance, we had several debts, major credit card bills, and school fees, we consolidated with 1800 bad credit and we are able to breathe again. 

Mary and David T.

If you need to refinance and have debt then use 1800 bad credit, they will help you consolidate all your debts into one, we were in trouble financially but they saved us.

B and M Peterson.

Wow is all I can say, amazing help. such good advice and really care about what you do which shines through, thank you,

Elizabeth M.

Dear Search Finance and Company

I love the new car so thanks. and a car loan rate of 8.99%p.a is unreal considering I was bankrupt previously only 6 years ago.Appreciate all of your help and will definitely be referring my friends to you.


D and B Stewart


Dear Sir Kent

My note as a kind thank you to you young man for your fine help with our strenuous home loan refinance, good effort.

 Kind Wishes

A McCormick and K Leslie


To Search

Thanks for getting me the car, I had a default and the bank said get stuffed, but you guys did it for me anyway, wow you are great fellas. Love me car, mrs loves it too.

cheers Al

Thank you Matt for our home refinance.

As you know we had a few debts and to be able to consolidate them into one loan is fantastic, thank you. 

P and M Myers


I was so happy with 4.25%p.a for my home loan refinance, well done.

L Graham


I cannot thank Matt at search finance enough highly recommend to anyone easy to deal with and a man of his word.

V Plunkett


If you need to refinance your home to get a better home loan rate, use search finance. We were on 4.95% with Commonwealth Bank, we got 3.55% with Search Finance.

B and S Davidson


We used the sister company 1800badcredit (owned by same company) and they were really good, we had numerous defaults and debts, they sorted it all out for us, thanks Alenka.

Donny G