Need a rent to own car?

Please only apply if you can meet our rent to own car criteria:

  • MUST be employed or self employed
  • MUST earn $600 week+
  • MUST have minimum $500 deposit
  • MUST have clean bank statements (no missed payments to current lenders)

Apply 60 Secs - Get Pre Approved 

Tell us what would be your ideal choice of car? For example: Mazda 6 blue or black, 7 seater van manual, transportable (any colour), 4WD light colour auto, dual cab ute, just some type of sedan, needs to be automatic.
How much deposit do you have to put in?
Please only answer if employed.
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Rent To Own Cars 

Rent To Own Cars 

How does rent to own cars work?

We approve you for an amount to spend on a car, based on your income level, employment, credit and residential history,  and then you choose your car.

You choose the car, then you pay us back weekly or fortnightly over a term that suits both of us.

The best part is you can choose your rent to own car even with past credit issues or ex bankrupt. 

Whether you have clean credit and are looking for the best rent to own car, or need a bad credit rent to own car, or no past credit history, short term employment, self employed and need a rent to own car, we search and find the best rent to own car for you, located anywhere from Adelaide to Perth to Melbourne to Sydney to Gold Coast to Brisbane to Dandenong and everywhere in between. 

Recent Testimonials

With 2 reasonably large credit defaults, weren't sure if I could even get a rent to own car, thank you for your help, the 4WD is very nice.

B Clarke

We would just like to thank Matt and his team what a wonderful company, we had a couple of major credit issues, they not only got us a rent to buy car, but also helped us to start paying off our debts, thank you, 


Can not believe I got approved with 6 children but I did, and now have my Tarago, thanks Bruce and Matt, 


Thank you Matt for getting us approved for a rent to own car online with no hassle, our small default didn't stop us, and we got to choose the car which makes it better than other companies,

F and L Pritchard

If you need a car to rent to own or rent to buy and have a credit default or something similar, my advice is to try get one from here, I got one with 2 credit defaults,

W. Brandon.